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Budgeting for a small or medium business means getting as much value per dollar as possible because even a few thousand dollars can have a huge impact on the business’ growth and daily operations. Outsourcing IT services for your business has a lot of benefits, and one of the most crucial is the impact it can have on that budget. This does not mean, however, that these savings have to come at the expense of quality, and we want to go over three ways that outsourcing IT saves you money while making your business more secure and efficient. 

Getting the Right IT Tools

When outsourcing IT to a team of security specialists, your business gains a partner that can identify the right tools to address your business needs now and in the future. If you have big plans for growth, then you will need services such as an MFA and endpoint protection that scale with your business and provide the same ease of use and efficiency gains with ten or ten hundred employees. A good managed service provider (MSP) will reduce the amount of time it takes to select and implement the security tools your business needs, so you have more time to focus on your business operations and don’t have to spend extra time deploying those resources.

Reduced Threat Response Times

Possibly the biggest savings that outsourcing IT offers is the quick and efficient response to threats on your network. When you have a team of security specialists dedicated to your business, then the moment suspicious activity occurs, they can investigate and remediate the threat for you. This means employees won’t be locked out of applications or services they need on your network while lengthy investigations take place, and any affected services can be secured as soon as possible to reduce downtime. Your IT team will let you know exactly what went wrong, how it was fixed, and the best practices for reducing the chance it happens again, which lowers the threat of repeat attacks.

Flexible Costs When Outsourcing IT

With the complexity and sophistication of cyberattacks growing daily, sometimes the reality for a small business is that they cannot afford to hire a dedicated IT specialist because of the high salary associated with the demand for their skill. Outsourcing IT can help resolve this issue because a small business will gain access to a cybersecurity team able to secure enterprise level companies for only a fraction of the cost. Drawing on this expertise won’t break the bank either because you can know how much securing your business will cost upfront and only pay for the services and tools you need.

This also means the money spent on your IT department won’t include the high cost of recruitment and onboarding for a new employee. Rather than leaving your business vulnerable while you seek out and train a new employee, you can deploy a team to immediately begin working on ensuring your network is healthy with proper security posture.


Outsourcing IT lets a business focus on what they do the best: working with their clients. The lowered cost of your IT team will allow you to use more of your business’ budget to focus on your core goods and services with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are in a confident security posture should anything go wrong. What separates a good IT team from a great one, however, is how much they care about your business. Here at Robinett Consulting, we want to be your partner in IT so that your business gets the personal support it deserves.

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