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Small business employees working with a password manager service.

A password manager is more than just a tool that can ease the cognitive burden of remembering a number of passwords for both work and personal life. When implemented correctly, a password manager can improve a small business’ cybersecurity posture and help a business become more resilient to cyberattacks. Like many digital tools, password managers must be implemented correctly, and your employees must be trained to use them in a way that promotes strong digital habits in order to get the most out of them. Here are a few ways that a password manager can help protect your small business while also improving the digital health of employees at home!

Stronger Passwords on Every Account

The first security benefit to password managers is stronger password protection on every account in the company. Every password manager creates passwords that are lengthy and complex in a way that makes them more resistant to brute force attacks or simply guessing. Additionally, since employees won’t have to think of new passwords to use for each account, there won’t be repeated elements to a user’s passwords. These repeated elements are often used to guess someone’s password after their information has been stolen in data breaches and leaked onto the dark web. This means third party data breaches and past events won’t pose as much of a threat to the passwords currently in use on your network!

Improved Workflows

Password managers also help employees improve their workflows by avoiding any slowdowns from forgetting passwords or needing to take the time to create a new, secure one. With just the click of a button, new passwords can be generated that are secure and old credentials will be filled in quickly. While this might not seem like much of a time save, a company can save hours of productive time just by avoiding moments where an employee forgets their password at the wrong time. Many password services also allow a user to save other important details like secure notes or credit card information, which only let employees further improve workflows to save time and efficiency.

Safer Personal Data

A good password manager doesn’t just have to be used at work. By encouraging employees to use a password manager for their personal accounts, it becomes less likely that they will become the victim of a cyberattack. All of the security benefits that password services provide at work apply at home, and an employee can avoid recycling passwords from work and home if they have this service available. By avoiding this problem all together, your business’ network becomes safer, and your employees are less likely to have their personal data stolen, which could potentially inform an attack on the company.


With how frequently malicious actors try to steal credentials, password managers may be able to provide a reliable defense against data breaches and compromised accounts. At the very least, they can make your network more resilient when combined with other security tools, which can lower the damage from a successful attack. If you think your business can improve their security posture by using a password manager, then our security specialists are waiting to have a complimentary consultation with you, so we can recommend the services that best meet your unique IT needs!

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