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We’ve mentioned before some great reasons to invest in business grade laptops for your company, but to better prepare our partners for their purchasing decisions, we wanted to go over three more reasons why equipping your small or medium business with high quality, business grade machines is a great decision for security and productivity.  

Business Grade Laptops with Few Vulnerabilities

Because business grade machines are targeted towards both large and small companies, they will come off the shelf with strengthened security and extra features to keep users secure. This extra security can even help you avoid vulnerabilities that only affect consumer grade machines. For example, a few vulnerabilities slipped through a release of consumer grade Lenovo devices that made those users exposed to remote code execution attacks that could circumvent system protections.

Of course, Lenovo’s team quickly got the problem solved and pushed out a patch for the machines as soon as possible, but business grade machines did not share this vulnerability. This means users had one less attack vector to worry about – even if it was only available for a short time.   

Business Grade Laptop Security

Aside from the passive increase in security that business grade laptops have, they will also come with extra features that make their use more secure both on the web and in real life. For example, business grade laptops can come with improved login features such as a fingerprint scanner and a privacy screen to keep others off their device and less likely to see what they are doing when working remotely.

For protecting data, a business grade laptop can come equipped with a TPM embedded security chip, which will encrypt the laptop’s data. Different manufacturers will also provide special security functions like remotely wiping a device’s hard drive or verifying credentials on startup.

More About Business Grade Warranties

Business grade laptops will also often come with better warranty options compared to their consumer grade counterparts. Consumer laptops will usually only come with a warranty going up to one year of coverage, but business grade laptops can have up to three years of coverage. On top of this, business grade warranties offer onsite repairs, which means a technician could show up to your business as early as the next day to help fix your machine. This speedy repair can mean the difference between losing a day of productivity versus a week!


Here at Robinett Consulting, we recommend business grade laptops because we think they are worth the price. The durability, added security, and warranty options available for these laptops make them a prime investment because you not only save money in the long run but also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are better prepared for worst case scenarios. Our IT specialists will work with your business to understand its unique IT environment and recommend only the best business grade laptops that suit you.

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