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IT consultant helping an enterprise level business with a cybersecurity risk assessment.

Cybersecurity risk assessments are essential for the security posture of enterprise level businesses because a cybersecurity event at one location can lead to further events at other sites. Given the large footprint of enterprise businesses, risk assessments can take time and require a lot of resources to do right, and an IT consultant can help perform large scale risk assessments while your cybersecurity team focuses on their core responsibilities. The right partner in IT for your company will provide tailor-made assessments that give you a comprehensive view of each site’s cybersecurity posture and actionable advice on how to improve your network’s health. Here, we want to highlight three areas an IT consultant can add value to your enterprise-level risk assessments!

Site by Site Risk Assessments

Working with an IT consultant for an enterprise business’ cybersecurity risk assessment means your IT team will have up to date, granular data on every company site’s cybersecurity infrastructure. With the right contacts at each site and remote access to your network, a consultant can systematically assess your firewalls, networking equipment, and security solutions in real time. While a consultant gathers assessment data, they can bring urgent risks to the attention of each site’s IT team and only engage site staff on important matters that require immediate action. This means your risk assessment can be completed for all company locations with little interruptions to employee workflows and projects.

Technology Risks

During an enterprise level risk assessment, a consultant will outline relevant technology at every site and provide thorough insight into device health. Code versions, update recommendations, and technology replacement will be noted and suggested throughout the assessment. This way, you know how healthy each site device is and the recommended action required to reduce risks. An experienced IT consultant will tailor these recommendations to the businesses’ needs in order to not break applications or device interactions with updates or technology replacements. An assessment conducted with your business’ environment in mind means you don’t get generic recommendations that don’t suit your needs.

Reporting and Consulting

Once your enterprise risk assessment is complete, an IT consultant can prepare in-depth reports based on the assessment results. These reports focus on the metrics essential to each business site’s cybersecurity, such as implemented security solutions, patching statuses, hardware and software end of life dates, and network configurations. Any additional metrics unique to your business can also be included, ensuring company IT staff get all the information they need to make informed cybersecurity decisions for their site. Additionally, a consultant can provide clear goals to improve the company’s security posture and offer guidance on how to meet those goals and keep each site secure.


Risk assessments for enterprise level businesses require a high level of expertise and a wealth of resources that many IT teams can’t spare. Instead of taking up team member’s valuable time for projects, a large business can work with an IT consultant to have a comprehensive risk assessment complete with added value. Your consultant can investigate every business site with care, identify each site’s unique technology needs, and provide personalized reports that get you the information and guidance you need to meet goals. Our cybersecurity experts here at Robinett Consulting have years of experience working with enterprise level companies, and our IT specialists are prepared to help your business with its risk assessment needs!

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