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Employee working on their security awareness training - SAT.

Security awareness training (SAT) for SMBs is a critical component to a complete training program that helps keep employees aware of the latest threats and knowledgeable on how to protect themselves. Small and medium businesses need a security awareness training platform that provides relevant content, flexible scheduling, and actionable reports. This way, employees are more likely to actively engage with their training and businesses can have detailed data that helps them make informed training decisions to better protect their IT infrastructure. In this article, we want to detail three of the most important features included in a cybersecurity training platform, so SMBs can find the right tool to keep their IT environment secure.

Dynamic Training Content

To better ensure employees actively participate in scheduled cybersecurity training, the content provided by a security awareness training platform should be tailored to threats employees are likely to see and content related to their position. Pictures, infographics, and videos can be combined to make straightforward and engaging content that promotes learning and strong habit forming. Additionally, features, such as a phishing simulation, can be used to gauge how well employees are retaining the knowledge provided by the business’ SAT. Cybersecurity training is only effective if users actively participate, and your SAT should offer training content that can both meet training requirements and hold user attention for the best results.

Flexible Scheduling

When employees receive their required training can matter just as much as the content provided by the SAT. A strong security awareness training platform will allow a company to send out training to each department at different times. This way, training schedules can be structured to quickly send out education for an emerging threat or planned around busy project schedules for each department. Once employees receive their training, it should outline clear completion goals that allow employees to comfortably complete the provided content. Many SAT services send automatic reminders when an employee has not completed their training, which can help every member of a department complete their training on time.

Reports and Analytics

After training is completed by employees, your security awareness training platform should provide detailed reports and analytics on how many users completed the training and how well each department performed. With this data, a company can determine the content areas that employees did not retain and plan future training for those tropics. Strong reporting by a SAT allows a company to structure its training to the specific needs of each department and measure how vulnerable their IT infrastructure is to certain attack types. When working with an IT consultant to provide cybersecurity training, SMBs can also receive advice on how to provide data-driven training to their employees based on their SAT reports.


With the right security awareness training, small and medium businesses can craft cybersecurity training that helps employees be more informed and complete their training on time. Robinett Consulting believes a strong cybersecurity posture begins with education, so our team recommends working with an IT consultant to plan and improve your cybersecurity training. By working with an IT consultant, a company can cover fundamental training topics with dynamic content and flexible schedules while also providing data-driven education. A consultant can also provide insight into the latest threats in the business’ industry, so your employees are always prepared for the latest threats on the security horizon!

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