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A small business employee working securely with cloud-based cybersecurity tools.

Cloud-based cybersecurity tools allow small businesses a level of flexibility and agility that on-premises services just cannot match. The best part is that these security services are often enterprise level tools, yet they come at a price point that small businesses can afford. Making the switch to the cloud is simple with modern technology, and the dynamic nature of cloud services means you can keep your employees securely connected to your network without downtime, whether they are working in office or traveling to the other side of the country.

Dynamic Cloud-Based Cybersecurity Tools

Malicious actors are always on the lookout for new and unique ways to trick employees with phishing scams or sneak their way into your network without notice. With cloud-based cybersecurity services, your business can condense security tools into one dashboard, which will increase your IT team’s response times to threats and allow for greater visibility into network activity. As your business grows, your cloud-based services can scale to match your need for cybersecurity, and you can work with a managed service provider (MSP) to add other services that address security concerns in your industry.

Keeping Employees Connected

One of the greatest advantages of cloud-based cybersecurity is that your employees can work from anywhere in the world while still enjoying the same level of security as in the office. As a lot of roles continue to remain remote, ensuring every endpoint connected to your network has the best security possible becomes essential. When working in the cloud, you can bring endpoint protection, a next-generation firewall, and DNS security to your employees no matter where they work. Along with this, many cloud-based communication services offer excellent collaboration tools and seamless connectivity, so your employees can work together easily while staying secure.

Easy Security Updates

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Updating security tools is an essential task if you want to ensure the integrity of your cybersecurity infrastructure. With cloud-based cybersecurity services, updates and patching are taken care of in the cloud, which means your small business is always up to date and ready to go. While your devices and applications will still need diligent updating, the cloud helps lower the number of applications that will need constant patching. This means your IT team can focus on other cybersecurity challenges and your employees can access the network during all hours of the day anywhere they choose to work without the worry of compromising security.


Cloud-based cybersecurity services have a lot to offer small businesses because they can provide a dynamic security experience that lets your business respond to threats quickly and scale seamlessly. Cloud-based technology also keeps your employees securely connected to your network no matter where they work, and it automatically updates to give your IT team peace of mind knowing important tools are always up to date. However, to make the best use of these tools, your business will need a reliable MSP and adequate training to get the most value. We here at Robinett Consulting want to be the partner you need, so you can get enterprise level cybersecurity at small business prices!

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