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Many people might think it’s common sense that small and medium businesses (SMBs) are more susceptible to cyberattacks than enterprise level companies because larger companies have more resources and a bigger budget for cybersecurity. However, this does not have to be the case. SMBs can make a few pivotal changes to their security posture to become just as well defended as enterprise companies, and not every change will cost money. Sometimes just thinking ahead in the right ways can improve an SMBs cybersecurity defense.

Imagined Obscurity

SMB owners often think that they are too small to be targeted for a cyberattack, but this could not be further from the truth. Hacking is not personal, and malicious actors can target and damage your business without ever knowing its name. The first step to making your business less vulnerable to attack is recognizing that malicious actors will come after you if your business is not prepared to defend against a cyberattack. This will allow your business to identify where its cybersecurity posture is weak and how IT consulting and security tools can best help you improve.

Unintegrated Security Tools

It can also be easy for SMBs to have a false sense of security because they’ve implemented an antivirus software and use security features that come with their computer’s operating system. Often, these general security features on their own will not be enough, and your business will need solutions that are tailored to your specific IT environment. A small business can get access to some of the same tools used by bigger companies, and these tools can be easier to implement and more affordable than they might seem. By implementing security tools that meet specific challenges and integrate with each other, an SMB can improve their response to cyberattacks that will inevitably come their way.

No Cyberattack Recovery Plan

Even the best defenses can’t protect all businesses all the time. When the worst-case scenario becomes reality and a cyberattack is successful, knowing what to do afterwards can make an enormous difference in preventing damage. SMBs must have a cyberattack recovery plan in place, and with the right IT consulting advice, this plan can be just as robust as those made by bigger businesses. Sometimes knowing how to respond to a successful attack can be the difference between a few days of productivity lost and a business shutting down over night.


At the end of the day, SMBs can be more vulnerable to cyberattacks than enterprise companies, but this does not have to be the case. With the right plan and adequate tools, small businesses can improve their security posture and defend against the cyberattacks most likely to come their way. It also helps to have a strong partner in IT, and everyone here at Robinett Consulting wants to be that partner. You can book a free consultation with one of our security experts at your convenience to get the It consulting you need to be as secure as an enterprise company.

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