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The beginning of a business is a hectic time of making mistakes, learning, adapting, and celebrating big victories. Startup IT consulting may not sound like a crucial service to prioritize when first setting up your IT environment, but it can actually save a startup a lot of time, money, and hassle in the long run. This is because startup IT consulting will get your business in a great security posture early, allowing you to develop some key cybersecurity resources and habits that will assist you now and well into future growth without breaking the bank.

Cybersecurity to Deter Attackers

The best reason to invest early into startup IT consulting is the same reason enterprise level companies get IT consulting: attack prevention. Some startups may think they are too small to be targeted, but malicious actors generally do not care about the size of a business so long as they can extract sellable information. Some hacking teams will perform a high volume of attacks with tools they bought on the Dark Web, so you could be targeted and hacked by a threat group who doesn’t even know your name. The way to help prevent this is by having the help you need to get the right cybersecurity tools in place to deter low-effort attacks that will come your way.

Startup IT Consulting for a Leg Up

In addition to security, startup IT consulting allows you to improve your business’ network capabilities and general technology use. Perhaps you need to equip your new employees with laptops, tablets, and other devices to help them do their work. An IT consultant can help you identify the most cost-effective options that are immediately available, so you’re up and running quickly. A strong partner in IT can even help ensure your internet speed and office wi-fi coverage are the best they can be so that you’re able to work and communicate with clients without interruptions.

The Right Setup for Startup Growth

For startups, the sky is the limit, and if you’re going to reach your goals for growth, you’re going to need solutions that will grow with you. Rather than just finding solutions that work temporarily, startup IT consulting can help you put in MFA’s and Firewalls that will seamlessly onboard new users and endpoints. You can also gain access to security awareness training that cultivates a security conscious culture in your workplace. This early intervention makes it so that as you grow, old employees can help new people be security conscious and your technology always works for you and not the other way around.


Startups are exciting, energized, and a nexus of innovation, but they are also vulnerable. Often, these vulnerabilities can be addressed early with the right advice and an IT partner that genuinely cares about your business’ success. Here at Robinett Consulting, we want to be that partner for you, and our team is dedicated to ensuring you have long lasting security solutions and tools that grow with you. When you’re ready for startup IT consulting, we’re ready to be your IT partner.

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