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A small business discussing their plan for switching to the cloud.

Switching to the cloud can be a big step for any company, so it’s critical that small and medium businesses have a strong plan in place to jump into the cloud. However, just because this change is important to get right doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. With the appropriate amount of preparation and the right tools at your fingertips, switching to the cloud can be a smooth process that minimizes disruption to the business and gets your employees back up and running as soon as possible. Here are three simple steps any business can take to ease their transition into the cloud!

Decide What is Switching to the Cloud

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Before starting the process of switching to the cloud, a business should decide which pieces of information or systems they want to transition into the cloud. This will help inform later decisions such as the kinds of security tools you may need and how much storage space your cloud services are going to need. Choosing the right tools and services will become much easier when you come to your MSP equipped with a general idea of how much of your on-site data is switching to the cloud, but you should always be flexible and ready to accommodate a plan that is both practical and possible.

Pick an MSP

Once your team is on the same page about which resources you want switching to the cloud, you should find a managed service provider (MSP) that you trust to work with. The right MSP can help you round out your plan for switching to the cloud and provide the best tools that fit within your budget. Your MSP should give informative advice on how to get your data into the cloud while keeping it secure from malicious actors. This step is the most critical because if you need to develop your plan for switching to the cloud more, a good MSP can provide the insight and knowledge you need. Having the right partner in IT is critical.

Design and Deploy

Working with your trusted MSP should make switching to the cloud much easier on your business. Together, you both will map out all the information that will be moved into the cloud and implement the right tools you’ll need to get this done. Once the transition is complete, your business should train every employee on how to use the new tools you’ve put in place and adjust internal processes to accommodate new infrastructure. Having a plan for what work in the cloud will be like for employees will make the transition smoother and reduce cybersecurity risks as everyone will know how to use the new cloud environment.  


While switching to the cloud is a big step for any small company, it does not have to be a difficult one. The two keys to success are a strong plan for what information will end up in the cloud and the right partner to meet your MSP and cybersecurity needs for the transition. If you need assistance planning and executing your switch to the cloud, then Robinett Consulting is here to help. Our team believes small businesses need a strong, honest partner in IT that cares about them, and we want to be that partner for you.

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