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SMB worker using tech acquired by using an IT consultant for technology procurement.

It has become exceedingly rare for a business of any size to run without the use of many modern devices. This means that as small businesses grow and hire new employees, their need for technology will increase dramatically as those employees need the tools to do their jobs and the network requires new equipment to accommodate them. Technology procurement can become an obstacle for small businesses that require laptops, tablets, and other devices, but this is a service that an IT consultant can help with, and they can often obtain business-grade technology at a reduced price and pass those savings onto the small businesses they work with.

Technology Procurement

IT Environment

Technology procurement can include any device or piece of equipment that a business might need. From laptops to network routers, a small business IT consultant can find vendors that will provide the equipment your business needs. This means that a small business can avoid looking in stores or on popular retailer sites that may sell their inventory quickly or have long lead times for getting the technology to your business. Overall, a reliable IT consultant can work with vendors to find the right technology or provide reasonable alternatives that will fit a business’ needs.

Passing Down Savings

One of the best reasons to use an IT consultant for technology procurement is that they can pass savings onto small businesses. Often, vendors will provide IT consultants with discounts and special offers that won’t be available to the average consumer. Whether it’s a discount on a bulk order or a negotiated price per unit, an IT consultant can acquire technology at a lower price than buying it from retailers, and those savings won’t just become a markup on the final bill. Unlike big box stores or online retailers, IT consultants can be more flexible with their pricing options and help customize technology solutions to their small business partners without skyrocketing prices.

Why Choose an IT Consultant?

Aside from an improved technology procurement experience and savings, IT consultants can also be an essential tool for choosing the right devices to meet both the short and long term goals of a business. Whether it’s helping customize laptop specifications to optimize for your business or recommending scalable technology solutions, IT consultants can provide needed insight into the tech buying experience. Additionally, if something your business requires isn’t immediately available, an IT consultant can help procure a suitable alternative or offer stop-gap solutions that minimize the interruption to work and get your employees the technology required to do their jobs effectively.


Technology procurement can become a complicated and expensive process for many small businesses, and this is why our team here at Robinett Consulting love working with small and medium businesses. We know that with the right IT consultant to help, any small business can acquire the cutting-edge technology that big businesses have access to while still staying within a small business budget. If you think your company can benefit from better technology procurement or needs advice on the right technology to acquire, then our experts are ready to have a complimentary consultation with you today!

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