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A government agency team working at table with laptops and mobile devices. Technology acquired with strong technology procurement.

Government agencies require a wide array of technology to protect its IT assets, operate efficiently, and perform regular agency functions. This makes technology procurement a high priority for an agency because slow tech acquisition can lead to valuable assets being unprotected or slow downs in operations because new employees cannot be onboarded quickly. Rather than finding a unique vendor, agencies can often work with their local IT consultant that also offers value-added reseller (VAR) services. Working with an IT consultant comes with benefits for the government, such as valuable technology expertise, an already streamlined acquisition process, and cost savings that can be passed onto the agency.

Technology Expertise

IT consultants work with the technology government agencies will need to take advantage of every day, and they have a strong understanding of customization and product options. They can provide advice on optimal device specifications and offer equivalent technology solutions if needed technology has too long of a lead time. A consultant can offer technology tailored to the agency’s needs and help ensure everything integrates seamlessly with the current IT infrastructure. This will help agencies quickly find the technology they need and have the guidance needed to onboard new employees, introduce new devices to the environment, and replace aging technology securely.

Streamlined Technology Procurement

Because IT consultants already have contracts in place to procure devices, they can streamline the technology procurement process for government agencies. The consultant can handle price negotiations, paperwork, and compliance standards for the agency, reducing the amount of time it takes to move from procurement to technology roll out. Because of their connection with tech distributors, consultants can usually replace malfunctioning or dead-on-arrival (DoA) devices quickly as well. All of this means a consultant can offer an acquisition process that meets government timelines while supporting technology implementation with integration support and quick technology replacement.  

Cost Savings

Using their technology expertise and relationships with vendors, IT consultants providing VAR services can pass on cost savings to the government. Consultants negotiate favorable long-term contracts with their vendors, and this allows them to purchase items in bulk at a discount. This relationship also gives them access to deals or sales that an agency wouldn’t normally be able to use. Additionally, a consultant can recommend the exact technology specifications needed for the department’s projects and tailor purchases to options that balance tech performance and budget. By recommending tailored specifications and leveraging their VAR relationships, IT consultants can pass on savings to the government.


By taking advantage of VAR services provided by an IT consultant, government agencies can benefit from a consultant’s tech knowledge, streamlined technology procurement process, and cost savings options. Robinett Consulting’s team of IT specialists can provide agencies with custom tailored technology recommendations and the guidance needed to implement new technologies to improve employee workflows and keep government data safe. From mobile work devices to networking equipment, our technicians have the experience and relationships necessary to provide high-quality technology to agencies quickly and effectively!

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