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An employee traveling for work with cybersecurity in mind.

Many jobs require traveling for work in order to meet clients, gather information for products, or other business functions, and cybersecurity becomes a big concern when an employee is away from a secured connection to the company’s network. It can be easy to accidentally put your information at risk and give malicious actors the opening they need to steal information while you are traveling for work. Remaining secure while on the road doesn’t have to be difficult though, and here are a few key ways you can stay secure while traveling!

Using VPNs While Traveling for Work

One of the simplest ways to keep your devices secure when you’re using public Wi-Fi is to have a trusted VPN service. Turning on a VPN will make it so you can access company information without the worry of someone intercepting and stealing your information, but it has to be used correctly to ensure security. Always double check that your VPN is on when you’ve connected to a public network, and work with your company’s IT department to know every security feature your VPN offers.

Managing Device Settings

Some devices can be set to automatically connect to Bluetooth devices or open Wi-Fi networks the moment they are able to. When traveling for work, you should double check that these settings are always turned off. Moving though multiple towns, businesses, and airports could have your machine trying to connect to any number of other devices and open networks, which can turn into a disaster as soon as you connect to an open Wi-Fi network hosted by a malicious actor. You will want every internet or Wi-Fi connection you make with your device while traveling to be deliberate and secured behind a VPN.

Keep Tech Together and Secured

When traveling for a work, a successful trip can turn into a nightmare if a company device is stolen. Every device should have a strong password, but if a thief does gain access to it, then all the information on your device can become compromised. While the thief may not be a cybercriminal, there is no way to control which networks they access or how they handle the sensitive information on your device, meaning it has a higher likelihood of being leaked. You should keep all of your technology as close to you as possible while traveling for work and always double check you have all of your belongings before moving to a new worksite.


Here at Robinett Consulting we know how stressful traveling for work can be, but a little preparation before leaving can make all in the difference in keeping your data secure. With a strong VPN, the right device settings, and a plan for handling your technology while on the go, you can make the most out of every work trip without worrying about cybersecurity risks. If you need more help getting your business ready for remote work, then our security specialists are waiting to hear from you, so we can get you moving with the security tools that match your needs!

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