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If your business needs an added layer of security when logging in and accessing internal systems, then you will want a user friendly, easy to implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) option. Duo is Cisco’s cloud-based MFA platform that allows you to control which devices have access to applications on your network. The goal of Duo is to provide hassle free MFA protection with seamless scalability and useful insight into the devices accessing your network.

Just like other MFAs, Duo helps protect your business when a user’s credentials get stolen. If a bad actor attempts to log in, they will be prompted to prove their identity and fail to gain access to the compromised account. This layer of protection makes an MFA a necessary piece of your business’ security strategy, but Duo provides much more than just secure authentication as it allows you to:

  • Monitor and manage devices accessing your network
  • Enforce proper device hygiene
  • Manage higher levels of security for more sensitive applications

Verify User Identity with Duo

Duo allows you to monitor devices that access your secured programs whether they are mobile devices, laptops, or desktops. Users will have the option to verify their identity using push notifications, biometrics, security keys, and even offline options so that employee workflow does not get sacrificed for security.

Users can even be grouped together for quick access to the tools they need to work. Duo allows devices to be assigned to flexible groups such as employees, contractors, customers, or other categories that meet your needs.

Keeping Unsecured Devices Off Your Network

With so many companies implementing bring your own device (BYOD) policies, the security Duo provides is more important than ever. Not only will you have greater visibility into the devices connecting to your network, but you can block user access for poor security hygiene that includes:

  • Out of date operating system or plug ins
  • Disabled security features on their device
  • Jail broken or rooted status

And when users are denied access for these reasons, Duo’s Self-Remediation feature will inform the user that they need to update their device or services and even provide safe links to where to download needed updates.

Layered Security for Business Safety

Sometimes a business will need multiple layers of security for more sensitive applications, and Duo has the features to accommodate. For the most important applications, you can allow access only with the strongest MFA methods like Duo push notifications, and users will have to re-authenticate with each new session on the application.

More importantly, location-specific policies can block access to your network based on where a device attempts to login from. Anonymous networks like proxies and Tor can also be blocked outright, making it even more difficult for malicious actors to access your applications with compromised credentials.


Robinett Consulting knows that for your business to meet a high safety standard, you need an MFA, but we recommend Duo because it’s more than just a means of verifying user identity. Duo allows you to take control of your network’s security with customized groups, rules, and monitoring services that give you peace of mind without sacrificing employee workflow or compromising on safety features.

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