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VAR keeping their client informed

Unless you have a background in technology, it can be challenging to figure out which devices you need to equip your employees with to allow them to do their best work. This makes working with a value-added reseller (VAR) an essential part of building up your business and allowing for the smoothest growth possible. A VAR will help you figure out which of the many business grade devices will best help you, but what qualities should you look for in a vendor that plays such an important role for your business?


Cost Savings

Let’s face it: business grade devices are expensive. But their high price tag comes from a better build quality and high-end features that you can’t get with consumer grade machines. However, while businesses should expect to invest in their new machines, a high-quality VAR will be committed to finding you the best discounts and fairest price for the machines you need. Negotiating a favorable price for your devices is one of the key roles of a VAR, and the difference between good and great VARs can come down to how committed they are to giving you the best deal.

Process Transparency

When working with a VAR, they should keep you informed of all the important details related to your order. What brands do they prefer? How new or old are the devices you’re looking for? What specifications are they recommending and why? When will the devices you want be in stock? What discounts do you qualify for on your purchase? All of these are critical questions that can influence how long it takes to get your devices and how much you pay. A great VAR will ensure you understand all the pros and cons of the devices you’re buying and never leave you waiting for an answer on where an order is and what you should expect.

VAR Flexibility

Sometimes your business won’t need the best, bleeding-edge technology to be successful. Often, the tools you need and the available budget will make slightly older devices more appealing than newer models. Whatever your needs are, your VAR should go above and beyond to find and present all of the options you can choose from. Perhaps instead of buying employees a laptop and a tablet, a 2-in-1 option would be best. A strong VAR will present you with options you didn’t know you had and do their best to tweak the device specifications to both meet your needs and provide you with a long-lasting device worth your investment.


Building a strong relationship with a value-added reseller can be beneficial for a growing business because many VARs will sell more than just laptops and tablets. This means that as your business grows and needs quick access to new tools and devices, you’ll have a strong partner that you can trust. Here at Robinett Consulting, we believe that businesses should have a high standard for their resellers because we always strive to set that high standard for our partners.

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