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IT consultant and company executives going over a network assessment report.

With a network assessment, IT consultants provide a business with a detailed understanding of their IT infrastructure and strategies for how to best improve the network’s security posture and workflows. A network assessment can identify aging or obsolete devices on the network, provide insight on the network’s architecture, compile a list of devices connected to the network, and even offer a full security assessment on the company’s IT infrastructure. This service provides SMBs with valuable insight into the state of their business’ IT environment, and the right partner in IT will help your business plan and execute next steps that both improve network security and meet compliancy standards.

Network Assessment Prep

Before the assessment begins, an IT consultant will work with your business to outline the scope and length of the network assessment. Clear expectations will be established as to which devices the consultant will need to access and what information the assessment seeks to compile and offer improvement strategies for. This preparation stage will also involve establishing how the consultant will access your network’s devices and, sometimes, the physical spaces that your company’s hardware occupies. New devices or software may be installed to monitor network traffic or gather system information on your network, and your IT consultant will work with your IT staff to make sure your network is ready for assessment.

Assessing the Network

After preparations are complete, an IT consultant will identify devices connected to the network and review the status of those devices to ensure they have updated code versions and that all hardware is still supported by its developer and manufacturer. Network devices can also be monitored to ensure that information is flowing at desired speeds and that network configurations are optimized to provide security and reliability. Once the business’ devices and software code versions are known, the assessment will look for vulnerabilities and exploits that threaten the business and how effectively the network meets compliancy standards.

Reports and Analytics

When the network assessment has been completed, a thorough report on the network will be compiled. These reports can provide a breakdown of the network’s devices, data on how well they meet expectations according to the assessment, risks the network may be exposed to, and the best strategies for improving each network element’s health. The IT consultant can also include an outline of projects that will be necessary to improve the network’s security posture and stability along with a timeline for how long these projects will take and best practices for maintaining network security while they are performed.


As companies grow and operate over long periods of time, network assessments become necessary to ensure that devices are properly maintained, end of life dates for hardware and software are monitored, and that the company isn’t vulnerable to easily remediated exploits. They can also help with standardizing the environment and making future maintenance simple and convenient for on-site IT staff and IT consultants. Network assessments offer a high level of value to businesses because of their flexibility and the information they provide to decision makers, so if you want to know how your business can benefit from an assessment today, our team of security experts are waiting to hear from you!

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