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Medium business owner securing their cloud environment with a cloud security posture management CSPM tool.

Cloud security posture management solutions allow an SMB to improve their cloud security posture with more visibility into their cloud infrastructure and proactive tools that remediate threats. By implementing CSPM, a business gains around the clock monitoring and threat detection for its cloud environment. This is beneficial for businesses that require monitoring for multiple cloud environments that must meet regulatory compliance and support active employee work. Companies new to working with cloud management solutions can also work with an IT consultant to implement these tools and simplify their cloud security management.

What is Cloud Security Posture Management?

Cloud security posture management tools bring together critical information about a business’ cloud infrastructure from services that might not normally share data. This means a business can gain more visibility into the software-as-a-service, infrastructure-as-a-service, and other cloud solutions they use. CSPM tools monitor cloud environments and assess whether or not they meet the company’s security policies and standards. If a problem is found in the cloud environment, it can be fixed immediately, or recommendations will be provided to the IT staff on how to resolve the problem.

CSPM Benefits

When implementing CSPM solutions, a business can have regular monitoring of their cloud-based resources and real-time assessments for their health and security status. A business can have more control over their security policies and tailor their service to check for industry regulation compliance and gaps in business-specific security needs. Rather than manually checking for misconfigurations or suspicious activity, a CSPM solution can identify threats and provide insights from across your cloud environments. Once problems in the environment have been identified, CSPM tools will provide fixes and insight for common misconfigurations and security threats, so your IT staff can make informed security decisions.   

Working with an IT Consultant

Implementing cloud security posture management solutions into your business can be a logistical challenge, but businesses can work with a trusted IT consultant to help. Your IT consultant can help deploy your cloud security tools and better ensure all your cloud environments are covered. Then, an IT consultant can work with your IT staff to verify the security policies and configuration settings your CSPM tools need to monitor and remediate threats. This way, you know that your business is monitored around the clock, has the right automatic remediation actions set up, and can get the help it needs for troubleshooting problems.


For businesses that have multi-cloud environments, a cloud security posture management solution can help monitor for security threats and compliance errors in real time. It can automatically correct misconfiguration errors and provide IT staff with the information they need to make informed decisions for the company’s cybersecurity posture. If your business could benefit from CSPM solutions, then our IT specialists are ready to provide a complimentary consultation to see how an IT consultant can improve your cloud security, ease the deployment process, and provide on going support while your cloud management tools keep your IT infrastructure secure.

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