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Business operating with the safety of endpoint protection.

Despite the idea many people have that malicious actors seek out and target specific individuals, more often than not, the bad guys go after the easiest targets. Networks with no endpoint protection or other security features will quickly become victims, so it is in a business’ best interest to make themselves an unappealing target. The best way to do this is by having reliable, up-to-date layers of security for your IT environment, and endpoint protection may be an area your business is lacking. Here are a few key reasons why you may need to update your business’ antivirus to a trusted endpoint protection service.

What is Endpoint Protection?

Endpoint protection functions to guard the devices on your network from the inside. While a firewall will stop malicious programs from coming into your network from the internet, endpoint protection will pick up malware that enters your network from other sources. For example, a malicious program may get put onto a company device via a thumb drive. Alternatively, an employee could allow the download of a file that appears benign from what they thought was a trustworthy email. In either case, the malicious code that enters your network can be identified and contained by endpoint protection before it has the chance to steal data or do widespread damage.

Adding an Extra Layer of Endpoint Security

Currently, many small or medium businesses may be using a simple antivirus service in place of a more robust endpoint protection option. This means they are missing out on many security benefits that include endpoint isolation, behavioral monitoring, and much more. Endpoint protection can allow you to verify if users have updated their operating system to the latest patch and even allow for the live searching and snapshotting of all your current network endpoints, so you can reduce security risks early. Most importantly, all of these added features will come along with the same antivirus protections a business may already be used to.

Lower IT Response Times

When malicious actors do make an attack attempt on your business, endpoint protection services offer a wide range of tools to mitigate the damage and allow your IT team to respond quickly and effectively to the issue. Information will be gathered and brought together from emails, servers, and cloud accounts that interact with an affected endpoint to gain a detailed understanding of how an attack is trying to infiltrate and harm your system. In short, your endpoint protection will not only identify threats but will also gather relevant information while it stops the attack, which gives your IT specialists the time and information they need to secure your network.


As cyber attacks get more complex, it becomes necessary to equip your business with the necessary tools to both stop attacks early and gather as much information on attacks as possible when they do occur. Hackers will be looking for vulnerable targets, and a network with endpoint protection can make the difference between a failed attack and a data breach. Our team of security experts here at Robinett Consulting are ready to talk with you and figure out the best endpoint protection your business needs, so you can operate around the clock with peace of mind.

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