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Healthcare provider utilizing Wi-Fi 6, Cisco Meraki Technology

Wi-Fi 6 is a new standard for internet service that healthcare offices can take advantage of with Cisco Meraki technology. By working with a managed service provider (MSP), healthcare providers can implement new networking equipment in their office that provides a high-speed connection along with increased security, efficiency, and scalability. With Wi-Fi 6, an office can improve its video and conferencing capabilities, roll out new IoT technologies, and take advantage of cutting-edge cybersecurity features. Upgrading to Wi-Fi 6 means your office connection will be faster and more reliable as it works for your business, so you can provide the high-quality care your patients deserve.

Faster, More Reliable Internet

Wi-Fi 6 with Cisco Meraki technology brings enterprise level internet to healthcare offices of any size. This means your office will have fast, reliable internet with an MSP available to help in the event of an outage or technology problem. When handling data over the internet or conferencing with patients, your office will also have faster data transfer rates and lower latency, meaning your data transfers will be faster and your calls will be higher quality. Wi-Fi 6 offers a new level of reliable internet service that can be backwards compatible with a lot of networking technology, meaning you can setup your new network connection with little hassle and get back to providing care with the latest internet capabilities.

Wi-Fi 6 Security Features

Along with reliable internet, Wi-Fi 6 also provides an opportunity for cybersecurity features that can improve a healthcare practice’s cybersecurity posture and even help meet compliance standards. Cisco Meraki technology allows patches to be rolled out automatically when it is most convenient for the business, ensuring your network technology is always up to date. Your office can also work with an MSP to segment the network to better protect sensitive patient data that must meet HIPPA standards. Also, your dedicated MSP can provide valuable advice on the best cybersecurity options for your office, so you receive customized solutions tailored to your needs!

Flexible Costs and Support

Because Wi-Fi 6 has backwards compatibility and a predictable pricing structure, a healthcare practice can receive personalized costs for implementing and maintaining the technology. Your MSP will work closely with your business to ensure that your office receives the coverage, convenience, and security features needed for your unique situation. Additionally, by working with a trusted MSP, your business will have access to troubleshooting and customized solutions for any problems that you run into, so your business’ internet gets back up and running as soon as possible. From installation to maintenance, the costs for Wi-Fi 6 can be transparent and predictable, ensuring your practice gets the best value.


Wi-Fi 6 offers healthcare practices high-speed, reliable internet services paired with trusted security features that can help keep your office secure and compliant. If your practice is ready to upgrade its internet quality and the features you can provide to patients, then our team is ready to strategize about how your healthcare office can implement Cisco Meraki technology. By taking advantage of our complimentary consultation today, you can work with our IT specialists to learn how we can help upgrade your internet and cybersecurity posture to the high standards healthcare deserves while remaining within your budget!

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