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Small businesses need to know when to outsource IT.

Deciding when to outsource IT may not always be a clear choice to make, but small and medium businesses should consider the option of outsourcing IT and know when a good time is to call in the experts. The last thing a business would want is to is put its network at risk by leaving a gap in company security or slowing productive training by onboarding new team members without the right tools in place. Here are a few clear signs that you should outsource IT as soon as possible!

Outsource IT to Acquire Talent

Perhaps your IT team has consistently had trouble resolving a problem with your company’s network that directly affects the day-to-day operations of your employees. Whether it’s the Wi-Fi in the office not maintaining a connection from room to room or a program not interacting well with security tools, an outside IT expert may have a fresh look on the situation needed to remedy the problem. There are many legitimate reasons why your IT team may not have the tools or experience necessary to handle a task, so it can help to outsource IT and relieve some of the pressure put on the team.

Growth Outpaces IT Capacity

Sometimes it can be a good idea to outsource IT because your team has grown at a pace your current IT team just can’t keep up with. Onboarding new employees with their security tools and monitoring the entire company’s network takes a lot of time and effort at the best of times, so if your IT staff have become mired in help desk requests and small tasks, then they may need to bring in some help. You should also outsource IT if your business does not have a dedicated IT person and you begin hiring more staff to grow your business because new employees could accidentally pose a cybersecurity risk.

Unique IT Projects

With growth comes new opportunities and new environments for your employees to work in. If your business has networking needs that you want to get right, such as wiring internet to multiple buildings or different parts of a building, then it may be time to outsource IT. Any time you have a unique or challenging project that involves IT, you should consider if your current team has the skills and work capacity to get the job done right. This way you won’t compromise their ability to work on the day-to-day tasks they have to do to keep your business running securely.


When it comes to security, timing is everything, and you don’t want to call in the help you need too late. Businesses should outsource IT strategically and pull in the best talent in their area when they need it. However, if your business has no IT team at all, then the time to outsource IT is now! Our team here at Robinett Consulting is ready and waiting to be the IT partner you need, when you need it.

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