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Remote employee using a business grade computer

Figuring out the right business grade computer you need to get work done day to day can be a difficult task. Different businesses will have a wide range of work they need to complete, and not every employee may need the exact same machine. However, every employee will need a reliable, durable, and well-functioning machine for their work, and that is why Robinett Consulting recommends business grade computers to our partners. Each computer used by your business is an investment in its function and growth, so you need a machine that will work as hard as you do for years to come.

Longer Lasting Computers

We understand that the price tag on a business grade computer will usually be higher than what people pay for consumer grade machines, but the higher cost comes with more staying power. Business grade laptops, for example, are designed to handle more wear and tear. They can endure heat, pressure, and shock to higher degrees because a business user is expected to carry their machine to more places and possibly jostle their machine around more often. Even if most of your work is done from a quiet home, the improved quality of a business grade laptop means dropping the device is much less likely to bring work to a halt.

Customizable Computer Builds

The machine you need for a job will heavily depend on the work that you do, so when looking for devices to implement into your business, the larger selection of computer builds offered by business grade machines will help you find the right tool for your job. Your work may require a laptop with a graphics card, higher resolution display, or high storage capacity, and if you only look through consumer grade machines, then you could miss out on a device that makes your work easier. Not having the right specs in your employee’s machine means their productivity will slow down or become limited.

Business Grade Computer Perks

Business grade machines also come with perks and features that those on the consumer side do not. For instance, business grade computers will typically have more flexibility in their warranty options that last longer. Fingerprint readers, data encryption, and other security tools will also be available for business grade machines. Employees will find a wider variety of ports, docking stations, and compatibility with ports available on their business grade machine, which makes working remote or moving for work often easier. At the end of the day, business grade computers have a lot to offer small businesses that make them a safe investment in your company’s security and productivity.


When looking at all the perks of a business grade computer, the higher price tag makes sense because your business gets more value for the money. In the long run, equipping your employees with better machines won’t just save costs on hardware, it will save your employees time because machines will need to be replaced less often and improve productivity because your small business will give the right tool to employees. Every team member at Robinett Consulting prides themselves on only giving small businesses exactly what they need, and we will get to know your business personally so that we can confidently recommend the devices that keep you secure and productive.

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