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Every level of government requires high-quality cybersecurity that can best protect the sensitive information required to keep local, state, and federal operations running smoothly. Endpoint protection is one of the many essential security services that governments will need to keep every endpoint on their network safe from becoming an attack vector. Government agencies stand to gain a lot when they work with an IT consultant like Robinett Consulting that has the experience and expertise needed to provide excellent cybersecurity services while also offering the advice and support needed to ensure all your cybersecurity tools function optimally. Here are a few benefits to endpoint protection and how working with a strong partner in IT can benefit your government office!  

Full Device Coverage

Malicious actors will look for every single possible entry point they can find on a government network because even a cellphone or tablet can provide them with the foothold they need to launch an attack. When all of your devices are protected with endpoint protection, IT staff will have an easier time identifying where attempted attacks take place and have all the information needed to remediate the threat. By combining this service with an outsourced IT consultant, a government agency can improve its flexibility and means of responding to attacks. When something goes wrong, your IT consultant can immediately respond while your IT staff continue to work on the high-priority tasks they are needed for in the office.

Protection That Scales

Some government agencies must protect a large number of devices while consistently onboarding new team members. No matter how your device usage fluctuates, a reliable endpoint protection service will scale with that need to never let a gap in your security coverage appear. Onboarding new devices should be quick and easy so new employees can focus on settling into their roles quickly. A reliable IT consultant can help with this onboarding process and keep track of licenses for each device to ensure protection costs are consistent and remain within budget.

Device Health Monitoring

The best endpoint protection services will allow an IT team to monitor the health of devices on the network to verify security update status and other health factors. This means that devices that may act as an attack surface for hackers can proactively be identified and addressed before that users can continue working on the network. While this function can be automated, Robinett Consulting can help to ensure everything is configured correctly and the correct policies are in place for the service to enforce.


Endpoint protection provides a critical layer of security that government devices need to operate safely. When it is paired with other security services such as multifactor authentication (MFA) and a next-generation firewall, government facilities can have a strong cybersecurity posture that will keep most low-effort attacks away from the network. Bringing on a trustworthy IT consultant will also help a government agency capitalize on the security benefits of endpoint protection without taking needed IT staff away from high priority tasks that require their attention. Our team of security specialists here at Robinett Consulting highly value the work our government does, and we want to use our years of experience to keep every government agency we can running securely!

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